The Racing Free team is continuing to gain momentum and spread the word about their efforts to reward those in the horse racing industry that stand for the elimination of performance-enhancing drugs. In the beginning of February, Racing Free announced the addition of a Breeders Incentive Program into their organization. For $300 prior to sale, any breeder can nominate their horse into the Racing Free Breeders Incentive Program.

Once sold, the new owner will receive a voucher for one Racing Free membership at any participating track. When the new owner enrolls the horse, and the member-horse wins a race and receives a clear commission-level drug test, the new owner and breeder will be rewarded $750 each, respectively, for each win at that meet.

With the upcoming sale season just around the corner, Racing Free is thrilled to announce that the Ruidoso Horse Sale Company has agreed to promote the Racing Free Breeders Incentive Program in their yearling sale catalogs. Any Breeder Incentive Program nominated horse will be identified with the other racing nominations on each catalog page. This is a wonderful way for breeders to take a stand for a positive future for racing, keep connections with their horses, and be rewarded along the way.

“The more support we receive and memberships that come in, the more rewards we will be able to give back to our industry.” says Micah McKinney, co-founder of Racing Free. “The sky is the limit with Racing Free and our team will continue making every effort to be positive about all of the hard work our regulators are putting in for this sport. We hope to see every single consigned yearling enrolled in our program for 2014 Racing.”

Nomination forms can be found at or can be completed over the phone at 325.248.5220. The Racing Free team encourages all breeders, consignors, sale companies & participants to look into getting involved with this rewarding opportunity. Racing Free welcomes any questions and looks forward to a great year in racing and yearling sales.